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AMSOIL Performance Improver (P.i.) is our gasoline engine treatment for automobiles and light trucks. As mileage accumulates on your vehicle, gasoline-generated deposits form on fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers. Today's fuels lack sufficient additives to treat these deposits, causing lower fuel mileage, loss of power, poor throttle response, engine knocking, and failed emission tests.  

AMSOIL P.i. is a concentrated detergent highly effective in cleaning out all gasoline-generated deposits. Testing shows P.i. increases fuel mileage up to 5.7%, reduces emissions, and restores power and throttle response.   

1. Add 1 bottle to the fuel tank of up to 20 gallons of gas. 
2. Advise customers to let the fuel tank drop as comfortably possible before refueling. 
3. The results will last up to 4000 miles. 

To order AMSOIL P.i. click this link:  Buy Performance Improver. 

My own experience with AMSOIL P.i. 
I bought a used Nissan Versa  and found the gas mileage to be about 28 mpg. I added P.i. to the fuel tank (and did nothing else). My gas mileage improved to 32 mpg!

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