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    In the 1960s Lieutenant Colonel Al Amatuzio flew military jets that used the first synthetic-based lubricants. After retiring, he knew civilians would want this technology, too, and so he developed a synthetic motor oil for internal combustion engines. By 1972, after several years of intense research and development, AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil was born, and it became the first synthetic-based motor oil to pass American Petroleum Institute (API) service requirements. Not bad, Al!

But it didn't take off overnight. Amatuzio found it difficult to market because of cost and complexity. People weren't willing to try his  new product that they didn't fully understand the benefits of. Plus he was up against the marketing might of such oil titans as Mobil, Quaker State, Castrol, Valvoline and Pennzoil. He needed a knowledgeable salesforce that could talk to people directly and explain the benefits. So he started the AMSOIL Dealer network, which is how AMSOIL is still distributed today: by trained professionals directly to customers.

Once on the market, the motor oil industry took notice of the new oil and soon had formulations of their own. But AMSOIL will always be "The First in Synthetics." 

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